nzMapIt’s been 4 months since we landed in Auckland, having arrived the 7th of June, one day late to celebrate Jelle’s birthday (we were in a 5 star hotel room with free dinner and breakfast so we can’t complain).

Over these months we’ve travelled center to top, coast to coast and top to bottom. At first we thought we were travelling in search of work, which is always nice to have when you’re running out of money. Lately, however, i’ve come to think maybe it’s not work opportunities we were really after. I mean, after more than 5,000Kms on the road with the van, endless stops at the compass’ notice, i cannot say it was work we were looking for- i’d say we were searching for a reason to stay. After all, this is the nth town we’ve stopped through and the 4th job we’ve had since June.

Is the place? The people? The pay? If we had to pinpoint what made us commit to staying until December here in Franz Josef, we’d probably say it’s none of the above. It’s the promise that if we stay, we’ll have one month to travel and spend the Christmas holidays as we choose, from mid-December to mid-January. 30 days of travel, summer, road. 4 weeks free from the alarm clock, routine and an address.

What better reason to unpack the suitcase anywhere than the knowledge it won’t be long before it’s zipped up and hauled places again?