Ah, life without wifi!

Ever since moving out of the lodge to the more rustic accommodation provided for staff, we’ve had to let go of internet, tv shows we religiously watch (i’d just gotten hooked to “Nurse Jackie”) and the natural high of baking highly processed food in an oven. Sad.

Would you believe it’s already mid-November? Where has 2009 gone??

I’ve been working as the afternoon-to-evening receptionist and a funny thing i watch happen all the time is when guests arrive and i hand them their registration forms: at the bottom of the form lies the innocuous “Date –/–/–” which never fails to prompt people to ask me:  “What day are we?” As if travelling somehow dislocates you.

Does it exempt you from the rigors of time? Nah. Wishful thinking.

On a lighter tone, soon as we have the pictures up you’ll see that we’ve been alright and that the old saying, “No news is good news”, works for us as well.