About a month ago we sent out application letters to different European operators for summer 2010 and were ecstatic to learn that provided we submit a national insurance number for contract purposes, the job could be ours. For once, it looks like planning ahead may have its advantages :p

We’d love to work in Portugal next summer. We both fell in love with Cordoba when we were there, and we reckon that Portugal may end up exciting us the same way. I went there as a child, no older than 8, but the memory is faint.

At the same time, Jelle asks me not to get my hopes up too much as it is more likely that we’ll be deployed somewhere in Italy.

And truth is, all this travelling around has made me realize i cannot wait to see more of my own country/ies. I’d love to smell the lemon groves in Sicily or watch the fireflies in Palawan. Whenever i get chatting with other tourists and they tell me they’ve seen more of my own country, i get all blue with embarassment!