For New Year’s Eve we celebrated the passing and coming of yet another year by joining the festivities in Coromandel at Prana Retreat.

For 5 days we were ensconced in one of New Zealand’s most well preserved land, taking workshops such as flax weaving, inner meditation, brazilian capoeira, yoga, permaculture, homeopathy, inner healing  and so forth. In a nutshell, we were in hippie heaven. At night different acts took to the stage, with performances from local bands to Brazilian dancers to Indian musicians showcasing their 10 year project on restoring the sacredness of the Ganges river.

Dozens of tents were set up on the 50 acres of land that became our community for the festival, some to host the workshops, some to sell organic food and crafts.

There were several workshops directed towards the awareness of our generation’s plight in surviving the circumstances we can no longer ignore, what with crisis after crisis only further crippling our already-damaged inheritance in land and water.

On a lighter note, we got to perform the Haka! I was part of the women who precede the male-dominated performance, singing and dancing in Maori ‘Ngai wi e’ (The People).

Jelle made a very concerted effort to learn the war dance!