In the beginning, the flat was more of a frat house. As in, late night shouting down the hall, laundry hanging on every surface, empty glass bottles strewn haphazardly just about anywhere. It was loud, you couldn’t think even if you plugged your ears, and of course, the kitchen was always a mess.

We miss it! Because in the span of a couple of weeks, the house is now home to only 3 of us- and although we don’t need to share the remote control with anyone and there is finally enough space in the fridge to fit a chopped up cow, it’s also just a teeny bit too quiet.

It’s awfully ironic, of course. True, we don’t have to lunge for the laundry machine as if it was a competition, and we don’t have to hide the cookies at the back of the shelf because they mysteriously disappear, but we also don’t have anyone to share a beer with at the end of the day. Oh life, such a compromise!