Every time we move, whether across the country or across oceans, topping my lists of concerns is where we’ll be shacking up and retiring from the (mis)adventures. We’ve lived in hotel rooms, basements, cottages and even an old bakery; by now, nothing surprises us and most certainly- nothing offends us. In true backpackers’ style, we’ve come to terms with every imaginable surface, dust collection and broken bed spring.

Come Friday we’ll be moving in to our new accomodation for the season. A quiet village by the Adriatic Coast sounds idyllic, albeit quiet- and if I am to spend time ‘home’ to hide from the glare of both clients and summer sun, then i might as well turn that home into a cosy, welcoming nook.

Decorating is always a struggle. We never stay anywhere long enough to be able to throw down hard cash for furniture, for what would the point be in chasing matching curtains and rugs when you won’t get to keep them longer than 2 months? Still, it’s always nice to settle in and mark the territory with irrefutable identity and character, not just through the choice items left on the floor or half draped across the room but by careful selection.

There is always, of course, the matter of our distinct personalities. Jelle is a minimalist in all aspects- he would sooner walk around naked than spend more than 5 minutes putting an outfit together and his reluctance reflects in his style of dressing up quarters. Give the man a square metre to play with and he’ll somehow recreate the Big Bang in it. He has but one idea for interior decorating- bring the outside in.

Then there’s me, experimental slash contemporary. I’m probably just as bad as Jelle, only, I can never settle for one look. Had I a house to play with, I’d turn every room into a different themed project, no harmony or connection whatsoever in the overall effect. In the end, i like pretty things, but a lot of them. The case i recall with the greatest affection is that of my first college dorm room, where i decided i wanted the table, chairs, runners and mats to be either a pale pistachio green or a light shade of aubergine. Just because.

In any case, Jelle and I’ve decided this season’s theme will be … Keep watching this space!