Image via adaythatisdessert

The campsite is open and so is the bar! Which means… Cappuccino at 8am, at 11am, at 2.20pm and anytime after 5.30pm! (We went crazy today, but we usually only have 2-3 cups a day-unless you count the coffee we drink at home?)

And just because tomorrow’s Friday and our official last day before arrivals, we’ll pair the first cappuccino of the day with a freshly baked brioche with jam or nutella filling. Oh yes. Oh yum.

The other really cool thing about the on-site bar opening is that we have instant access to afterwork drinks! At €4.25 a pop! G&Ts, Cuba Libres, etc.! All at the same distance as to getting home 🙂

So here’s to good things happening mid-week! Clink!