In Spring and in Autumn, some 1500 species of birds migrate, the phenomenon of which seems to have left mankind perplexed for thousands of years. At one point in time, science held the belief that birds migrated to the moon; some studies later, that they merely circumnavigated the globe until warmer weather.

Interestingly, experts differ in opinion over the explanation of this ritual. Why do birds migrate? We know for certain that they do, and that they move to warmer climate. Bar extreme weather, once migration is set in motion, birds will not stop until their journey is over, a feat they achieve by suppressing normal stimuli such as hunger.

While migration occurs in large numbers, there is a case for monogamous birds such as swans where the male will decide where and when to fly for the winter, whereas the female will decide when to fly back to breed.

Spring: definitely awesome (despite the unpredictable rain?)

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