In this world, there are 2 types of people: the shopping kind, who are more than happy to peruse at own pace, select and discard at the heart’s content and finally, flip the precious wallet flap open to reveal their own plastic-is-fantastic choice of card. Then there are the DIY people: the happy-go-lucky/i-do-it-myself/i’m-the-(wo)man! people.  

Jelle is a DIY man. He likes to build, tear things apart for the sake of sourcing material, putting his brand on a project. It gets pretty far fetched, at times, but he’s the first to admit that although his craft is best interpreted as rough, it brings him enough satisfaction to warrant future trials.

At the moment, he’s working on our summer gazebo. The keywords here are bamboo (he’s used up 15 mts), tubular LED lights (he plans on using 10 mts), open air seating (a double bed sized cushion in the garden) and barbecue parties but as i am not allowed near the construction site, i won’t know what he’s talking about until it’s done.

My only request, in the madness that is our summer DIY project? Lanterns.

You have to appreciate a garden bathed in soft light ♥

So i smell a DIY paper lantern coming up!

First image uploaded via design sponge , image 2 & 3 by me as seen in a bar in Lido degli Estensi.