When’s the last time the postman delivered a handwritten letter?

Or similarly, the last time you penned a Thank You note?

No, these are the days of Facebook and other similar platforms that don’t require a physical address, just a name and a couple of minutes to get sorted.

This is the era of quick Hey! messages that appear together with a profile picture to remind you which supposed friend or acquaintance you’re about to be grateful to for the extra minutes you can now spend online armed with an actual purpose.

I wonder what the next generation stands to inherit from us in this regard. Does anyone even care we’ve lost the capacity to keep in contact outside the virtual realm?

To think some of the most known romantic men used to carry on their courtship and relationships by epistolary exchanges that could take weeks for delivery. Ahhhhhhhh…!!!

                                                     Love Letter From Napoleon to Josephine

I don’t love you, not at all; on the contrary, I detest you. You’re a naught, gawky, foolish girl. You never write me; you don’t love your own husband; you know what pleasures your letters give him, and yet you haven’t written him six lines, dashed of so casually!

What do you do all day, Madam? What is the affair so important as to leave you no time to write to your devoted lover? What affecton stiffles and puts to one side the love, the tender constant love you promised him? Of what sort can be that marvelous being, that new lover that tyrannizes over your days, and prevents your giving any attention to your husband? Josephine, take care! Some fine night, the doors will be broken open and there I’ll be.

Indeed, I am very uneasy, my love, at recieving no news of you; write me quickly for pages, pages full of agreeable things which shall fill my heart with the pleasantest feelings.

I hope before long to crush you in my arms and cover you with a million kisses as though beneath the equator.
– Napoleon Bonaparte

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