In about 2 hours my favorite team plays Holland at Port Elizabeth. Seeing as to how i’m obviously not cheering for Italy anymore, my loyalty’s now owned by Brasil and its fine players team.

I don’t think i have ever watched so much football in my entire life; what we have  accomplished this past 2 weeks is truly spectacular, from a girl’s girl point of view. Not only have we watched a game (sometimes 2!) a day, but we have also managed to get me to learn players’ names (as Becks was no good to my World Cup lingo).

I’m glad we’re in Italy to do this, because i can’t imagine following the World Cup from New Zealand! Now that the mayhem over Italy’s failure to pass the group stage has somewhat died down, the atmosphere is certainly more appreciative to the creative football that’s taking place in South Africa, no matter that our national team disappointed. It’s fun, it’s interesting and it’s a great conversation starter!

If Brasil makes it to the finals, i’ve promised Jelle to go watch the game at the pub wearing the national flag as a sarong! And although that hardly qualifies me as a football fan, do check out FIFA’s Fan of the Tournament gallery, where fans submit their picture in full support of their darling team (read: wearing wacko costumes, war face paint and drunk smiles). One winner will pick up a Hyundai i10!

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