Put your hand up if you’ve never won anything in your life. Not a hand at poker, not a lousy game of bingo, not a match of Risk. Nod your head if you’ve never bothered buying lottery tickets; clap your hands if the only tickets you’ve ever bought were for the yearly Christmas community-sponsored charity which returned you a set of frying pans.

Today in the news, an Italian 56 year old, a nothing-special man living in a town of 402 inhabitants won 40.5 million €. Let me spell it: forty million and a half euros. He’s begun slimming the new zeros in the bank account by taking 68 of his closest family members and friends on a 10 day cruise.

It’s stories like these that renew people’s faith in the magical wand that can swing in any one’s direction and drastically change one’s life. I mean, if he can win, then certainly you and i are at the same odds in winning right?

It could be i am lacking the imagination; maybe i just can’t wrap my head around the kind of shock that having everything i could possibly need and want at my brand new all-access, truly unlimited credit card. It could also be i fall in the small percentage of the population who can’t be bothered to conceive of ways to spend an actual fortune not of my making.

I am not a good samaritan and i don’t consider myself self-less; a fortune would end up being eaten by my stupidest and most conceited of whims, like having a walk-in closet just for shoes i’d travel the world over to collect, or like buying an island in Asia so Jelle and i are never at a loss as to where to fly off to.

No, i think i’m to settle in being truly glad for the people who win their games of Bingo; their 10-hour Risk matches; their hair-raising Poker gambles and ultimately their SuperEnalotto draws.

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