Would you believe we’re halfway through July and soon, not too soon hopefully, the weather will start changing- the evening will cool down, the breeze will be a tad chillier- and then it’ll be fall?

We’re in a huff over the prospect of moving. When you live from season to season, you smell the changes before anyone else and you take heed, because being late at recognizing it’s time to pack and get going may cost you a job opportunity, a new travel, a different experience. Yes, we’re already planning our getaway.

As much as we fancy ourselves migratory, we seem to have no compass at all to lay our course by. Work dictates our destination and at the moment we seem to be tossing our lines pretty close to home: we’ve always said we’d fancy seeing more of our surroundings before undertaking another year abroad and that’ll be the year we see South America.

So there, to all of you who’ve been asking me when we’ll next be in Asia- not too soon i fear. And to those who asked us to stay closer, there you go- we’ll only be a short flight away.

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