Would you believe we’re halfway through July and soon, not too soon hopefully, the weather will start changing- the evening will cool down, the breeze will be a tad chillier- and then it’ll be fall?

We’re in a huff over the prospect of moving. When you live from season to season, you smell the changes before anyone else and you take heed, because being late at recognizing it’s time to pack and get going may cost you a job opportunity, a new travel, a different experience. Yes, we’re already planning our getaway.

As much as we fancy ourselves migratory, we seem to have no compass at all to lay our course by. Work dictates our destination and at the moment we seem to be tossing our lines pretty close to home: we’ve always said we’d fancy seeing more of our surroundings before undertaking another year abroad and that’ll be the year we see South America.

So there, to all of you who’ve been asking me when we’ll next be in Asia- not too soon i fear. And to those who asked us to stay closer, there you go- we’ll only be a short flight away.

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It’s as simple as this.

‘Cause trust me, you don’t want a lemonade when you could have a g&t.

Can’t wait for the arrival of Jelle’s family this week-end! It’s been more than a year since  we last met and for the first time, it’s not in Belgium at 4 °C! See you soon and have a good trip!

I love Wednesdays: it’s midweek, you’re not too strung out yet and you’re not too far from the weekend. It’s a win-win day, perfect for nothing-heavy leisure.

  • Another Swedish designer to look out for, whose vintage meets rock’n’roll collections make me want to just book a flight. Ulrika Lundgren is a former stylist who launched her label in 2005 and whose signature quirkiness has been of appeal to stars like Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
  • This mango slaw from Smitten Kitchen is the perfect salad for a summertime lunch. If only i could find mangoes ’round here!!

  • Gone green? Makemesustainable is a network and personal trainer that accompanies you on the arduous journey.
  • Currently scrolling through Copenhagen Cycle Chic for its fresh pictures of everyday people on the go, on their bikes, dressed in all manners of chic. After all, we love bikes!

  • Talk about a mission statement! Launched in June 1910 as a newspaper insert aimed at ‘important men in all departments of women’s wear’. That it is still around and that it has risen to meet today’s markets is an incredible feat.

Somewhere on St. Barth, our dream home beckons. She’s a beauty! The wood finishings are just marvelous, although the it’s the shelves that make me weak with want:


Question is, where do i go get one?

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Nowadays theme parks are all about the thrills and the screams, but i’m still drawn to the old fashioned, calm rides like the classic Ferris Wheel. Is there anything better placed in the season that is summer than a country fair and its low shine attractions?

I can practically taste the cotton candy; the sugar dusted doughnuts, the hot popcorn, the chili in the nachos salsa.

And the candy! There’s candy for every color in the wheel, for every tooth, age and pocket: no wonder it’s such a high!

Alright i’m off to beg Jelle to win me a teddy bear!

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Put your hand up if you’ve never won anything in your life. Not a hand at poker, not a lousy game of bingo, not a match of Risk. Nod your head if you’ve never bothered buying lottery tickets; clap your hands if the only tickets you’ve ever bought were for the yearly Christmas community-sponsored charity which returned you a set of frying pans.

Today in the news, an Italian 56 year old, a nothing-special man living in a town of 402 inhabitants won 40.5 million €. Let me spell it: forty million and a half euros. He’s begun slimming the new zeros in the bank account by taking 68 of his closest family members and friends on a 10 day cruise.

It’s stories like these that renew people’s faith in the magical wand that can swing in any one’s direction and drastically change one’s life. I mean, if he can win, then certainly you and i are at the same odds in winning right?

It could be i am lacking the imagination; maybe i just can’t wrap my head around the kind of shock that having everything i could possibly need and want at my brand new all-access, truly unlimited credit card. It could also be i fall in the small percentage of the population who can’t be bothered to conceive of ways to spend an actual fortune not of my making.

I am not a good samaritan and i don’t consider myself self-less; a fortune would end up being eaten by my stupidest and most conceited of whims, like having a walk-in closet just for shoes i’d travel the world over to collect, or like buying an island in Asia so Jelle and i are never at a loss as to where to fly off to.

No, i think i’m to settle in being truly glad for the people who win their games of Bingo; their 10-hour Risk matches; their hair-raising Poker gambles and ultimately their SuperEnalotto draws.

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What i wouldn’t give for a moment’s peace like the frugal thrill of playing hopscotch on the street with a bunch of other little girls. Or jump rope, play hide-and-seek, have a go at pretending.

Till i find my new gang, i’m still yearning for a long soak in one of these

Tomorrow Jelle’s trying his hand at making tortellini from scratch. We’re having Gordon and Sue over for dinner, yay!

Paul & Joe Schmuck rings are the icing of accessories; i’d even wear them looped on a chain around my neck!

Playfully retro, they make a statement with their enamel finish and Swarovski rhinestones.

Find them here