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I love Wednesdays: it’s midweek, you’re not too strung out yet and you’re not too far from the weekend. It’s a win-win day, perfect for nothing-heavy leisure.

  • Another Swedish designer to look out for, whose vintage meets rock’n’roll collections make me want to just book a flight. Ulrika Lundgren is a former stylist who launched her label in 2005 and whose signature quirkiness has been of appeal to stars like Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
  • This mango slaw from Smitten Kitchen is the perfect salad for a summertime lunch. If only i could find mangoes ’round here!!

  • Gone green? Makemesustainable is a network and personal trainer that accompanies you on the arduous journey.
  • Currently scrolling through Copenhagen Cycle Chic for its fresh pictures of everyday people on the go, on their bikes, dressed in all manners of chic. After all, we love bikes!

  • Talk about a mission statement! Launched in June 1910 as a newspaper insert aimed at ‘important men in all departments of women’s wear’. That it is still around and that it has risen to meet today’s markets is an incredible feat.



Some days you just want to roll up your sleeves and go. So pull out the walking shoes; dust off the bike; pack the car trunk and lock the house. It’s time you went, saw and conquered those places you’d put aside for ‘another day’.

So today we made a trip to Comacchio and this is what we spied: