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We woke up thinking we’d take the bikes and ride to Porto Garibaldi some 6 kms away, just because it’s our last free weekend for the season. Instead, still bundled in bed, we heard the tell-tale sign of rain outside.

We were going to get potted flowers to put in reception and to display in one of the corners at home, just because the place is too sterile and white to look lived in despite the fact it is. That was the idea, but now we’ve had time to think things through over several cups of coffee, perhaps a craft project is in order.

Thing is, we like plants and flowers as much as the next person. They’re pretty, they’re symbolic, they add an accent to any space. But they die. Early. At least when in our hands… Sigh.

It’s the season to plant herbs and pot bulbs and generally rethink the garden or at the very least the windowsill: a spruce of green to look at while you’re doing the dishes is a great incentive to clean up tidy- and all that. Alas, Jelle and i have had the worst luck with plants.

Could these paper flowers be our only solution?