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Fall can be a beautiful season, full of the rusty colors reminiscent of Nature, as warm as a best friend’s hug. This time of the year we look forward to a bit of sightseeing, a wedding, a birthday celebration (sob, sob! I turn 26!) and a relocation to Piedmont for work.

Let’s look at each of those occasions separately:

  • The Sightseeing

Wall of postcards

One day we’d like to have a wall displaying all the postcards we’ve ammassed from travels both abroad and local. We have quite a number, some ours, some from family and friends. Every city has its postcard-perfect symbol, be it a monument, a panorama or skyline. Interestingly, i don’t have a postcard from Brussels. (Will be picking one up soon!) Got one of Hooglede though!

  • The Wedding

Guess the theme?

Jelle’s cousin is having a mid-October wedding. This will be our first wedding attendance as a couple and the first occasion i have to shop for in ages! For reasons best left out, i’m also doing Jelle’s shopping, so i’m secretly coordinating our outfits ♥ We’re stoked for Elin and are certain the wedding will be a beautiful celebration.

  • My birthday

Cakes Ahoy!

Easy. Following the traditional route, i’m not planning anything for my birthday. I come with a subclause in fine, fine print that says i do not discuss the subject of getting older growing up. I see this as more reason for ending up fined for all the inane things you naturally end up doing when you could really just be excused. Hence, i like surprising myself on the very verge of my birthdate.

  • The move to Piedmont

Due Palme restaurant

For work, of course! Located in Centallo, this little gem of a restaurant is run by our good friends Walter & Selina, and just happens to be our next destination! We all worked together in New Zealand but this will be twice as fun and double the laughs. Stoked!

Alright, gotta get back to current job and current to-dos: we’re having a midfield barbecue to wish farewell to two great people we’ve worked alongside with this summer later tonight.

And, speaking of farewells, i’d like to say goodbye to someone who passed very recently. Mark, you will be missed!

Gone too soon

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