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23rd edition of the Buskers Festival

Live music from some of Europe’s finest street artists, cheap mojitos and caipiroskas (the melon version has a spot in my heart), tarot card readings, calligraphy analysis and all things vagabond and gypsy: all this and more at the 23rd edition of the Ferrara Buskers Festival.

Started in 1988 to bring the spotlight on street performers and give them due credit for the way their originality, perseverance and commitment can bring a smile on the most hardened of pedestrians and commuters, the festival rakes in some 800,000 yearly spectators from all corners of Europe (and father away).

Set in dramatic Ferrara, the festival runs from the 20th to the 29th of August with nightly performances from 18.00 till 24.00



Some days you just want to roll up your sleeves and go. So pull out the walking shoes; dust off the bike; pack the car trunk and lock the house. It’s time you went, saw and conquered those places you’d put aside for ‘another day’.

So today we made a trip to Comacchio and this is what we spied: