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Somewhere on St. Barth, our dream home beckons. She’s a beauty! The wood finishings are just marvelous, although the it’s the shelves that make me weak with want:



I envy people who own their apartment/house/ranch/bungalow/tent/teepee/shed. Once upon a time, the dream was to flat, hopefully with artistic, non-homicidal types who like pets, preferably somewhere interesting like Prague in the fall.

Think lots and lots of breathable room, high ceilings, white walls; a soothing view from the bed and while you’re at it, a claw-foot bathtub in the middle of the living room. Why not.

(I bet those floors are a killer to mop up but never mind, they’re not mine!)

((I’d need someone to help me draw those curtains, bet they’re 5 tons each!))

In the event Jelle and i ever stop for one year solid and decide on property, my only wish is it be somewhere near the water, be it a lake or the ocean; that it have a bookstore nearby and at least one decent pub to hit up and refresh our karaoke memories with, and that it be somewhere i can easily get a wifi signal!

Till then, i’m making do with Sweet Home Style and its thousands of inspiring pages

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