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We are sunburned!

Kayaking was awesome, albeit tiring. We were lucky enough to head out with little head wind, thus facilitating our tour of Fisherman’s Island. Negotiating along Adele’s though became a tug-of-war as the wind begun picking up, almost sending us into rocks a couple of times!

We both wore Christmas hats the entire trip and were generously greeted back by everyone.

There were at least a hundred other kayakers out in the water, but we had an island all by ourselves!

The wildlife around here is so used to people, they don’t flinch at our intrusion.

All in all kayaking was good fun. We got back so badly burned, our shoulders are peeling off!


What a week!

We left Franz Josef last Monday heading south to Wanaka.

All the roads seem to be flanked by lakes and impeccably lush scenery, so although reaching ‘the next town’ takes hours and hours of driving, we can’t complain!

This is Lake Wanaka.

The colours out here are always fresh and vibrant, carrying the promise of unspoilt life.

We took a cruise out into Milford Sound and saw fur seals, sea lions and dusky dolphins.

Jelle did the bungy jump off the Nevis in Queenstown- 134m. I couldn’t go because it was too expensive and i didn’t need it after the skydive.

Jelle has fallen in love with these flowers. We’re taking some seeds home to plant in our future garden!

These red tussocks line the highway and are part of the national reserve.

The Brown Trout Fishing Capital of the world

And to complete the week, we met up with Marie, Glenn, Sophie and baby Isaac to go fishing at sea in Jackson Bay. At night we built a fire and roasted marshmallows by the shore.

2,200KMs in 7 days. 9 cities, countless little towns in between and maybe 50 cars on the road the whole week. Hahah!