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Nowadays theme parks are all about the thrills and the screams, but i’m still drawn to the old fashioned, calm rides like the classic Ferris Wheel. Is there anything better placed in the season that is summer than a country fair and its low shine attractions?

I can practically taste the cotton candy; the sugar dusted doughnuts, the hot popcorn, the chili in the nachos salsa.

And the candy! There’s candy for every color in the wheel, for every tooth, age and pocket: no wonder it’s such a high!

Alright i’m off to beg Jelle to win me a teddy bear!

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If your dream is to combine The Black Eyed Peas with Pearl Jam, the Cranberries, Aerosmith and Stereophonics in one massive event, then Heineken has it tailored for you.

Spread across 4 days in one of Italy’s undoubtedly most famous cities, the festival draws more than a hundred thousand fans from across all of Europe.

From the 3rd to the 6th of July, Parco San Giuliano will be transformed into its own community of festival-goers, with one main stage, a second stage, a sports area (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.) and different leisure stops. Of course, the Heineken store.

Tickets start at €50 per day or €130 for 3 days or €160 for the entire duration.  Here

I hate buying magazines anytime in Spring because every 10 pages or so, they’ll run an ad for a new formula anti-cellulite cream that promises to reduce thighs by a hundred thousand fat cells and help you into Summer’s hotpants.

Really. Funny, if any of those wonder creams really worked, i’d use them all year long and i’d stay in hotpants 365 days a year, but never mind my anti-wonder-anything me. I know it’s too hot for jeans when i turn murderous glances towards my denim; when i smile at the scissors and raise my eyebrows to the sawing kit, as if to say:’ What do you think, shall we?’.

Indeed. Time to bring out the legs ladies!

Image via Modekungen

Allsaints Spitafields + Assad Mounser = instant outfit

Love, love, love Allsaints’ footwear; its distressed, i-don’t-need-to-be-pretty,  go-feck-yourself feel. What’s not to lust over??

So it is this will be the summer of the vest and the statement accessory. And as luck would have it, Allsaints is also on 50% off now, with free UK delivery and free Europe delivery on all orders above £200.

Images via Allsaints and shopzoeonline


Internet works again! I’ve been forgiven by Vodafone (they’d put brakes on the internet speed last month because of … ahem… download-overkill) so here’s the catch up to what’s happened over the last couple of weeks.

  • Visited Venice and Murano on a rainy Tuesday:

  • We’ve been hit by World Cup fever, so we’ve been mindlessly preoccupied by the goings-on in South Africa by our favourite teams. Is it us or does this WC smell off??
  • Last week two dear friends, Walter and Selina, came over for a visit; we spent hours playing Risiko and Yatzee!

  • Walter had a kite with him and now Jelle’s thinking it might just be his new summer sport! (I personally think my arms would break like twigs)

  • Hail the return of Malibu Rum for summer! Visit Radio MaliBoom Boom for summer’s hottest tracks, streamed and selected by DJs.
  • Summer 2010 in a picture: roll-up shorts, animal prints, fringe bags and flat top wayfarers:

And voila’!

Summer’s gone, replaced by its brash, introverted cousin, Autumn. The breeze is now more of a gust and the days are characterized by impetuous changes in weather. Oh well. It’s time to pack and fly home!

Well, to Italy anyway 🙂

We’ve got work! From the 12th of April we’ll be working as couriers for Homair, a french tour operator with sites in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and France, and we’ve received word we’ll be deployed to Vigna Sul Mar near Ferrara, on the Adriatic Coast.

We’re looking forward to being in Europe again. Inasmuch as we’ve enjoyed New Zealand, we’ve both realized we actually love European culture. In store for 2010 is a much better familiarization with our own birth rights! And as we’ve made friends with two couples who’ll be based in Italy (Adam and Laura from Franz Josef, who’ll be working near Venice from April onwards and Selina and Walter who live in Cuneo), there’s the chance we’ll be doing some visiting and touring with them.

Oh, the mouth waters at the thought of proper food! Pizza! Cheese! Wine! Italy, here we come!!!!!

See you all soon!