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The forecast shows clouds and grey skies till early next week but we’re in too good of a mood to mind the fact it’s only halfway through summer and we’re already layering up. Instead, this week’s thoughts have been captured by the promise of a mini vacation come October, when i might just celebrate my 26th in Belgium! (Antwerp, i will save up for a stroll along your awesome shopping district!).

  • The Block interviews Todd Selby, blogger and author known for his portraitures of interesting characters shot in their private sanctums
  • Kris Van Assche is the creator behind the sleek and minimalist lines that have been catching my eye on accessories and footwear

  • Bored with your cuppa? Make tea drinking fun with the Tea Sub, just watch you don’t oversteep by playing around like a kid in a tub!

  • As i am still obsessed with outdoor lighting, these lanterns caught my eye- want to contribute to my new glass jar collection?
  • A chair this big and a lamp this bright are a marriage waiting to happen once you find the perfect book

  • Design Sponge shares with followers the work behind the success as an online design magazine with 60,000 daily readers and 76,000 subscribers via rss feed
  • Online Fashion giant ASOS has published its 10 essentials for Fall 2010. Loving the cobalt blue satchel!

Today we’re having lunch with the boys at Porto Garibaldi and then we’re off shopping for tonight’s homemade pizzas. Oh we do love midweeks!


We woke up thinking we’d take the bikes and ride to Porto Garibaldi some 6 kms away, just because it’s our last free weekend for the season. Instead, still bundled in bed, we heard the tell-tale sign of rain outside.

We were going to get potted flowers to put in reception and to display in one of the corners at home, just because the place is too sterile and white to look lived in despite the fact it is. That was the idea, but now we’ve had time to think things through over several cups of coffee, perhaps a craft project is in order.

Thing is, we like plants and flowers as much as the next person. They’re pretty, they’re symbolic, they add an accent to any space. But they die. Early. At least when in our hands… Sigh.

It’s the season to plant herbs and pot bulbs and generally rethink the garden or at the very least the windowsill: a spruce of green to look at while you’re doing the dishes is a great incentive to clean up tidy- and all that. Alas, Jelle and i have had the worst luck with plants.

Could these paper flowers be our only solution?

While the concept that we are all, on a whole, separated by a measly six degrees seems too claustrophobic to be true, sociologists and other manners of scientists have, time and again, proved it a reality. Stanley Milgram spearheaded the research into the dynamic of the social network in the ’60s through the small world experiment, which saw randomly selected individuals receive information packets containing instructions on acceptance of participation and a contact to identify. Participants were asked to forward a letter directly to the contact if they knew him or her on a ‘first name basis’, or to forward the letter to someone they personally knew whom they thought might know the end target. On average, it took 5.5 or 6 persons to get the letter from a random individual to a random target. Indeed, the theory has been circling round and round the minds of the biggest scientists and been cited in Nobel Prize addresses since the beginning of the 20th century.

The release of “Connected: The surprising power of our social networks” by Christakis and Fowler, once again brings the focus on our interconnectivity with a focus on the influence of a stranger on our habits, our behaviour and even body weight.

Guess we know what the topic was at the table? 🙂

I read an excerpt and i’m getting a copy soon as i can locate a store that’ll sell it to me in English!